A martyr, a miracle and coregone

Lake Bolsena

The martyr The town of Bolsena is the sister city of Orvieto and just a short drive away. We decided to investigate this medieval fishing and vacationing village nestled on the shores of lake Bolsena for a couple of reasons. The first was to eat a special fish, called coregone, that is stocked in the […]

365 Project 2015 – week 12

365 project 2015 week 12

Where’s Spring? Week 12, we’re nearing the end of March and Spring is definitely not in the air. We’re looking forward to the snow melting and the warm weather to arrive. In the meantime we’re cooking up comfort food and getting up to date on Canadian news. You can see all photos here. How did […]

3 months in Italy – a pictorial


Thousands of photos Since returning to Canada I’ve been sorting through thousands of photos taken over the three months we were in Italy. I wanted to share some but it’s so difficult to pick just a few since I have many favourites. I’ve done my best to pick just ten.  This first one, of a […]

365 Project 2015 – week 11


Winter, snow and inspiration Not much happened to inspire week 11’s photos. We spent time at the dentist, enjoyed dinner with family and got a bit more snow. Spring is just a few days away! You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?

One Day in Florence


Well, we’re finally back on Canadian soil after almost a year of travel and housesitting. It’s incredible how fast the time flew and looking back at our adventures we consider ourselves very lucky to spend time in parts of the world we love and to discover new, inspiring places. Returning home was a bit of […]

365 Project 2015 – week 10

365 project 2015 week 10

Snow, catching up and Chinatown This week was spent catching up on writing and visits, food shopping in Chinatown and watching the snow melt. We also finished our first guidebook. If anyone is planning a trip to Tuscany, you can check it out here. You can see all photos here. How did you spend your […]


trofie with pesto potatoes and green beans

This dish comes from Liguria, home of pesto. Having potatoes and pasta in the same dish might sound strange but once you taste it you will see that they go well together in this recipe. We’ve also made this with the addition of crispy pancetta, it goes against tradition but is delicious nonetheless.  

Before you accept that house sit

house sitting

Hellish house sit On the heels of what turned out to be the worst house sit we have had so far, we thought we would pass on a few thoughts we had on how to avoid a disappointing house sitting experience. Although most could struggle their way through a short house sit that’s gone wrong, when you […]