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Life at Al Settimo Cielo

Green rolling hills of Umbria Travel north out of Orvieto towards the small village of Ficulle up into the green rolling hills of Umbria and you will find us hidden deep in the forest. We have taken on a house sit at a remarkable property that resides on top of its own hill. Seven terraces […]

monteleone di orvieto

365 Project 2014 – week 50

Another week of exploration There are so many villages within an hour radius of our home base, we could be out every day and not see them all. But we’re doing our best to get around. This week we visited Parrano, Monteleone di Orvieto and Montegabbione. And in every single town we were greeted by at […]



Little bites  As a chef I love to draw inspiration from the markets and the seasonal change. Italy is particularly good about eating in season since they are tied so tightly to the land and what is happening in the garden. In winter the hunters are out whether it be for truffles, mushrooms or wild […]

The Three Legged Visitor

The Story of Salsiccia

Late last Friday We got up late last Friday morning, it must have been around 9:30. It was raining and we didn’t need to be anywhere so we sat and had our coffee while we checked email and caught up on news.  All of a sudden we heard yelping, similar to a fox pup. I immediately opened the window […]

week 49

365 Project 2014 – week 49

Orvieto, Siena and Civita di Bagnoregio This week we explored Orvieto’s amazing Duomo, bumped into some friends at Siena’s Christmas market and stopped by one of the world’s most endangered sites, Civita di Bagnoregio.  You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?

Cardoon recipes


Vegetarians rejoice! This week, as promised, we are bringing you two variations on one classic dish. Cardoon is vegetable you may have seen in your grocery store or specialty market but had no idea what it was or how to prepare it. It’s a vegetable I have had only a handful of times before, it’s […]

People - Italy

La Vita è Bella – an Umbrian pictorial

 Life in Umbria I was planning on doing a pictorial of beautiful Umbrian landscapes and architecture and it ended up being photos of people. Tim has always challenged me to take more photos of people. For years I took nothing but photos without people. Standing in one spot waiting for a clear, people free shot. More than […]

week 48

365 Project 2014 – week 48

Villages, twilight and roses Winter in Umbria has been great so far. We’ve experienced sunny days where we take walks along the country roads and visit the surrounding villages. Tim spent an evening taking amazing photos during twilight and we’ve been surprised by the roses blooming all over the property. You can see all photos here. […]