Parachute Coffee

Parachute Coffee or how to afford that flight to Europe {COCONUT SHAKERATO}

A parcel of deliciousness Doesn’t everyone get excited when they receive a package in the mail? Imagine our excitement when we received a parcel filled with something we just can’t do without, coffee! We opened it up and even though it was late in the afternoon and we knew we wouldn’t sleep. We just had to [...]


Monsanto Part 2 | The Visit

Your last Hawaiian vacation Have you ever enjoyed a Hawaii grown papaya? There’s nothing quite like it. You’re so happy when you find it at your local grocer, you buy it, even though it’s overpriced, you take it home, cradling it like a newborn baby so as not to bruise it. You cut it open [...]

365 project 2014 - week 38

365 Project 2014 – week 38

Vancouver, comfort food and the Fat Badger This week we arrived in Vancouver. We made some delicious comfort food, met some friends at a great pub and went for a walk in the woods. You can view all photos here. How did you spend your week?

Niagara Falls

Fine Dining At The Falls

Fine Dining At The Falls? Here’s Where To Do Dinner This is a sponsored post. Niagara Falls, a staggering natural attraction, sure to take your breath away should you visit. For those who wish to discover Canada’s most famous water feature, the surrounding City has plenty to greet its tourists. From family attractions, theatre shows, [...]

365 Project 2014 - week 37

365 Project 2014 – week 37

Koki beach, ulu donuts and the dawn During week 37 we went swimming at Koki beach, made some delicious ulu donuts and watched the sun rise. We also played lifeguard to honey bees falling into the pool. You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?

Yaprak Sarma

Honest Food Tales – Hecktic Travels

Turkish Cuisine After spending three months in rural Turkey I was back in Istanbul and was craving something other than the usual Turkish meal. I asked the hotel manager if he had any suggestions for anything but Turkish cuisine and his response was priceless. “But why? Why don’t you want Turkish food?” As much as [...]

365 project 2014 - week 36

365 Project 2014 – week 36

Don’t eat the aki fruit Did you know that the aki fruit is poisonous until it opens up and releases its noxious gas? Thank god someone posted a sign because just before we saw it we were commenting about how delicious it looks. During week 36 we enjoyed starfruit, saw what may have been the smallest [...]

365 Project 2014 - week 35

365 Project 2014 – week 35

Lilikoi curd, critters and Lindbergh Week 35 was spent making lilikoi curd, getting to know the local critters and visiting the Lindbergh property. You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?