Rice Pudding Arancini with Nutella

Sweet Arancini Getting their name from their orange shape, arancini (supplĂ­ in Roman cuisine) are said to have originated in Sicily during Arab rule (10th century). They have since spread throughout Italy and can be enjoyed with different fillings. Sicilian arancini are usually stuffed with ragĂș, you can also buy them stuffed with mushrooms, peas, […]

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio: The town that is dying

Civita Winding our way through the narrow streets of Bagnoregio, towards the old town I was blissfully unaware of what we were about to see. Nat said it would be a great surprise and to trust her, that I would love it. Squeezing out the other side of the small town I started to wonder […]

365project2015 week 3

365 Project 2015 – week 3

Cooking and baking You would think, from this week’s photos, that we did nothing but cook and bake. That’s not completely true. We did go to the market and have been busy doing chores on the property we’re sitting.  We have also been planning some more day trips and one overnight trip. Stay tuned. You […]

Nonna's pine nut tart


Crostata di nonna While out on a day trip to Chiusi to visit their Etruscan museum we picked up some lunch at a little shop filled with homemade goodies. Among the temptations were porchetta style duck, veal and rice suppli (aka arancini), amazing cantuccini and the last few pieces of crostata di nonna. The lure […]

italy in winter

Italy in Winter

Italy in winter While most North Americans head out on their Cuba vacations, an alternative to consider may be to see Italy in winter. Italy in the summer can be a crowded, extremely hot and more expensive. Having to wait in line, shoulder to shoulder with other sweaty people, in the blazing sun to get […]

365 project 2015 - week 2

365 Project 2015 – week 2

Wine, Etruscans and lots of history  The week ended with us checking city number 18 off of our list. Our trusty Fiat 500, getting us everywhere in comfort (thanks to Auto Europe for setting us up). We went from wine tasting and cheese shopping in Montepulciano to visiting an Etruscan museum in Chiusi. Eating gelato in Assisi to […]

Rabbit agnolotti


Delicate and unique I realize that many of you have never eaten rabbit before, let alone cooked it but if you’ve ever wanted to try it, you’ll want to keep reading. I am going to go out on a limb and say it is one of my favourite meats. Delicate and unique, rabbit can be […]


Picturesque Italy

Picturesque Italy If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already seen how picturesque Italy can be. From our house sit in Umbria we are quite close to the regions of Tuscany and Lazio and have been exploring numerous small towns. The farthest so far, only one hour and twenty minutes away.   […]