Monsanto Part 1 | Questions and Answers

Monsanto Part 1 – Q & A A while back we asked our Facebook readers and newsletter subscribers if they had the opportunity to ask Monsanto any question, what would it be? We brought your questions to Monsanto where their rep David Stoltzfus answered them. Read all questions and answers below. A Cook Not Mad: Why create [...]

Olivine pools Maui

Leaving Maui

Leaving Maui In a week we’ll be leaving Maui, it’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for nearly 5 months. Time does zip by. We’ve met so many great people and have had plenty of adventures on this little island. Remember all the things we learned or thought we’d never say? And the sleepless [...]


Zushi: No Reservations Required

Two wonderful women Years ago I was lucky to work with two wonderful women, one from Beijing, China and the other from Bangkok, Thailand. Both were employed as maids for the embassy where I cooked but both were also very accomplished cooks in their own right. Sujin, from Bangkok, was renowned for her amazing Thai [...]


We’re going on a diet!

Moving on Well, here we are at the end of our second “house sit” on Maui and moving on to number three. We are heading back to Kipahulu on the East side of the island, nicely snuggled into a 26 acre property completely off the grid. With the move we are also going on a [...]

fish tacos

Honest Food Tales – Farmhouse Kitchen

Alaska, truly the last frontier. Somehow Alaska had never entered my “places I have to visit” category. It just seemed so far away…from everything. But a wedding invitation from someone dear to our hearts made it a reality. We were going to Alaska! I really didn’t know what to expect other than vast wilderness, whales, [...]

week 33

365 Project 2014 – week 33

Haleakala, a weiner and some beach time This week we spent some time at Haleakala National Park, we tried Leoda’s Upcountry dog (ok but the wait was a bit much) and went to the beach. Today we are headed to Kipahulu for the next four weeks and internet will be limited, weeks 34 to 37 of [...]


Saved by Pele

The bathroom floor I woke up on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, covered in a thin blanket with a small white dog named Cuba curled up at my side. I could still hear the wind outside. I got up and crawled into bed next to Tim. Hours earlier the wind and [...]


365 Project 2014 – week 32

Hurricane Iselle,  a cabin and a new drink This week we spent a few days preparing for Hurricane Iselle. We’re thankful the storm wasn’t as bad as predicted. We renovated a cabin where we’ll be staying for a week and discovered a new drink made with lemons and ginger. You can see all photos here. How did you [...]