A Day of Butchery at Casamonti – Part 2


Freshly fallen snow Early the next morning we made our way back to Casamonti Estate, through a couple of inches of freshly fallen snow that carpeted the vineyards and rolling hills of Chianti. Alvaro and Silvano were already in the norceria and as we pulled in, we saw Massimo wave, while escorting a huge male […]

365 Project 2015 – week 16

week 16

Crocuses, creepy toys and a puppy Crocuses have been blooming, splashes of colour here and there, giving us hope that warmer weather is near. While spring cleaning at my mother’s house we came across some creepy childhood toys and were visited by a tiny Yorkie named Gucci. You can see all photos here. How did you […]

A Day of Butchery at Casamonti – Part 1


Cinta Senese During our first trip to Italy we met Ray and Anna Rita, owners of Casamonti estates, an unbelievably beautiful property in the Chianti region of Tuscany. Their operation offers a triple threat of sensational wine, olive oil and prized Cinta Senese pigs. It was the Cintas that originally drew us to Casamonti, to sample the sublime […]

365 Project 2015 – week 15

365 project 2015 - week 15

Baby poncho, birthday party and Nat Geo This week I tried my hand at crocheting a poncho for a newborn, attended a 3 year old’s birthday party and saw my name in print in a National Geographic guide book, not a bad week. You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?

48 Hours in Rome

48 hours in rome

Rome, you can love it or hate it but you can never call boring. We partnered up with Expedia Canada to highlight some of the great food spots we recently discovered in this bustling city. We opted to hang out near Termini and the funky neighbourhood of Monti, rather than the better known areas near […]

365 Project 2015 – week 14

365 project 2015 - week 14

Birds, Easter and the sugar shack This week we went to the Wild Bird Care Centre, had Easter dinner with family and spend an afternoon at Red Dog Farm for Maplepalooza.  You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?

Parco dei Mostri

parco dei mostri - fury

Secret garden Have you ever dreamt of having a secret garden behind tall stone walls? An oasis of paths and fantastic statues tucked amongst the landscape to disappear into and escape the reality of the outside world? Just a few miles down the A1 from Orvieto you will find the small hilltop village of Bomarzo. […]

365 Project 2015 – week 13

week 13

April fool This week we spent time with family, played dominoes by candle light during Earth Hour and dusted off the pinhole camera.  You can see all photos here. How did you spend your week?